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ESP32 General Purpose with BMS

24 Mar 22
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For most of my projects I use an ESP32. Some of the projects are meant to run independently on Battery (LiPo). This implies the use of a BMS to charge the LiPo and protect it from undervoltage.

For a long time I used one of those

You got connectors for input power via USB or solder connection. Two connectors for the LiPo and finally two connectors for the Power to the ESP.

In order to avoid having to use a second board for BMS in my projects I designed a new PCB for my ESP32 containing the BMS.

In order to keep the size of the board small, I designed the board to use the second side of the PCB.

The Schematic of the BMS part is identical to the dedicated BMS board (use the TP4056).




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