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13 Feb 21
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A friend of mine builds Bascetta stars as a christmas decoration. This link gives you an idea what I am talking about:

Us together came the idea that a light source within the stars would look even better than the stars themselfes.

Since I like to play around with electronics, I developed a little circuit consisting of a little programmable controller and 3 LEDs. The PCB for it is quite small and fits easily into those stars. Almost all people who saw them wanted to have them and we indeed sold some of them.

I designed a little PCB (thanksto DesignSpark, great tool, guys)

Finally it looks like this:


I thought to myself that those stars are basically meant as Christmas decoration and not for the rest of the year. So I came up with the idea to create a mobile with different illuminated bodies (not only a Bascetta star). I googled and found out that some very interesting bodies are the so called Platonic solids=>

I found a german company (Herrmann Lehrmittel) => selling those solids as demonstration/illustration for students.

In order to be able to place my little PCB into those solids, I needed to get them in a way that I could assemble them myself.  Gluing them together surely is a very tricky thing so the best would be to get them as half shells. I wrote an e-mail to the company and the owner answered me directly. In a telephone call he told me that he also had the idea to bring some light into his solids. He even had talks with his supplier of the plastic granulate to try out some opaque. Mr. Herrmann then was extremely friendly and sent me some samples for free to check out how it could work with my LEDs.

Before I really assemble the half shells finally, I will do some tests like putting the shells together by some adhesive tape. I made a video to give you an impression how the first prototype looks like. It is not a beauty and just a proof of concept.

Click here to see the video


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