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Checking out Hammock

31 May 17
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I am currently checking out Hammock as a base for Microservices.


Stumbled about

21 May 17
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An alternative to the arduino development environment. Support for different platforms like ESP8266, ESP32, AVR…..

Good support for including libraries.

Start to love it. Based on the Atom Editor (Well, not my primary choice of editor because its too slow, but for that environment fine)

check it out here…

Alternatives to Owncloud

14 May 17
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Currently checking out on alternatives to owncloud… tried cozy… hmmm nice but not too much more functionality to owncloud

Server Update

12 May 17
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Updated this server to 24GB (actually Hetzner did, I just payed).

Additionally updatged wordpress, owncloud, gitlab