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Clock with Timer

03 Jan 17
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Another little project is this one:


An LED Clock driven by an ESP8266, using those 8×8 LED Matrix components:

In principle very easy. The ESP is programmed with Arduino, using a NTP Library and a Library for the Matrix LEDs. The only tricky part was to reprogram the Matrix Library because each of the 8×8 matrix elemens was turned by 90 degrees, so I had to programmatically turn them back. Otherwise I had to resolder all of the 8×8 components (too lazy for that).

Besides having a nice clock now I also implemented it to be controllable via UDP commands. So far 2 functions are implemented:

Clock and Timer. I also implemented a little App for those functions



We have settings to specify the IP and port of the clock. 4 Buttons determine the functionality of the clock:

Set Timer => Set the timer to a given value (hour, minutes, seconds). After it is set the clock shows the timer counting down.

Cancel Timer => Already indicates that this resets the timer and displays the clock.

Show Time => While the timer is still counting down, the current time can be displayed.

Show Timer => If you decided to display the time instead of the timer, this brings you back to display the current timer value.


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