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ESP32 General Purpose with BMS

For most of my projects I use an ESP32. Some of the projects are meant to run independently on Battery (LiPo). This implies the use of a BMS to charge the LiPo and protect it from undervoltage. For a long time I used one of those You got connectors for input power via USB or […]

24 Mar 22 volker


Those 0.96″ OLED displays are a great way of displaying information on a small area. Alone they do not make sense so usually a controller is needed to control or measure “things” and display results on the display. So I came upwith the idea to have a bundle of those being as small as possible […]

01 Aug 21 volker

Remote Power monitor

I recently had the problem that I wanted to measure the power consumption of my weather sensor under real life conditions. Fundamental question here: Can a solar cell with an attached Lipo and an BMS supply enough energy so that the sensor can run “infinitely” without externally supplied power. In order to measure this I […]

29 Jul 21 volker


A friend of mine builds Bascetta stars as a christmas decoration. This link gives you an idea what I am talking about: Us together came the idea that a light source within the stars would look even better than the stars themselfes. Since I like to play around with electronics, I developed a little […]

13 Feb 21 volker

ESP8266 with Matrix Display

Some day I stumbled about 8×8 Matrix LEDs with an SPI interface. While I started with a single 8×8 Matrix for little test purposes, I found out that there are also quite cheap displays with 4 arranged displays offering 32×8 pixel. I combined 2 of them to implement a little clock, driven by the internet […]

12 Feb 21 volker

Programmer / Serial Interface for ESP8266 and ESP32

On the Market you can find an incredible amount of boards with ESP chips on them made for Makers. Using those boards in a Dev environment is easy because you can simply plug them into your breadboard and use the on board USB to directly program them via Arduino or PlatformIO. When you leave the […]

12 Feb 21 volker

RS232 <=> Bluetooth Converter

  From time to time I deal with devices only offering a RS232 to interact with them in a “programmatic” way. Some of my multimeters only offer RS232 since they are old. My computer does not offer a RS232 interface anymore, just USB. One solution I came along was to connect them via RS232 to […]

25 Oct 20 volker

ODroid GO Tricorder Project reaches custom PCB Phase

    ODroid created a fantastic Product with the ODroid GO. A nice compact device with an LCD, Buttons, Speaker, a ESP32 from Espressif AND an expansion board. Although the Hardkernel Wiki already gives examples how to use the device for your own hardware projects, it seems that almost all people regard it as a […]

21 Oct 18 volker

Playing around with Odroid-GO

Odroid GO is a fantastic device for those dealing with espressif chips (8266/ESP32). While the big focus is on gaming, the device also got a 10 pin expansion header to support I2C and SPI. Having a build in graphical LCD and several buttons, this makes the device an ideal playground for own projects including own […]

10 Sep 18 volker

Checking out on Docker Swarm

I am currently checking out on Docker Swarm. All not really hard. Tricky part is to get Hazelcast to work there. Another story is to get some logfiles generated within a container be visible all over a network

28 Jul 17 volker

Checking out Hammock

I am currently checking out Hammock as a base for Microservices. see ws.ament.hammock

31 May 17 volker

Stumbled about

An alternative to the arduino development environment. Support for different platforms like ESP8266, ESP32, AVR….. Good support for including libraries. Start to love it. Based on the Atom Editor (Well, not my primary choice of editor because its too slow, but for that environment fine) check it out here…

21 May 17 volker

Alternatives to Owncloud

Currently checking out on alternatives to owncloud… tried cozy… hmmm nice but not too much more functionality to owncloud

14 May 17 volker

Server Update

Updated this server to 24GB (actually Hetzner did, I just payed). Additionally updatged wordpress, owncloud, gitlab

12 May 17 volker

Clock with Timer

Another little project is this one: An LED Clock driven by an ESP8266, using those 8×8 LED Matrix components: In principle very easy. The ESP is programmed with Arduino, using a NTP Library and a Library for the Matrix LEDs. The only tricky part was to reprogram the Matrix Library because each of the […]

03 Jan 17 volker

ESP32 arrived

I am an absolut fan of the ESP8266 in its various forms. It is really cool to build things with it. A device with Wifi, several IO Pins and programmable via C or Arduino is a perfect match for small devices. The biggest drawback of such a device is: In order for the Wifi to […]

03 Jan 17 volker

RS232 / Bluetooth Adapter

This is the first prototype of a RS232 / Bluetooth adapter. Its design is quite simple: Use a standard MAX232 circuit and connect the ttl out/inputs with an HC05/06 bluetooth transceiver. Although some MAX232 seem to work with 3,3V I had bad experiences with it so I drive the MAX with 5V and the HC05/06 […]

30 Dec 16 volker

App for devices of the company of Rigol

I am currently developing an App for Rigol Devices. The App (Android) will be able to control Rigol devices via Lan or Bluetooth. For Bluetooth an RS232/Bluetooth adapter is necessary.

30 Dec 16 volker

First Version of Bluetooth controllable Light Bulb finished

I just finished work on the prototype of a Bluetooth controllable Light Bulb. A big One (25 cm diameter)  

15 Nov 16 volker

LED Mobile

I started working on my new LED Mobile project.

18 Oct 16 volker

My Own PCB after years

After several years I decided to create my own PCBs. Not really do it on my own but design them with DesignSpark and give it to a prototype manufacturer.  

11 Oct 16 volker

RGB LED Controllable by your mobile.

Working on some new RGB Led electronics controllable by mobiles.

26 Jul 16 volker

Thoughtblaze started

Blaze of Thought is about to get started. A lot of work still to be done.

09 Apr 16 volker